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Catalyst Gauzes
Warp Knitting

- Warp Knitting

  • Rapid replacing weaving technology in the textile industry
  • Only longitudinal wires are used (warp wires); wires at crossover points are not firmly pressed against each other; virtually no shadowing due to the loose structure
  • A high degree of freedom in varying the density of the structure, specific gauze weight can be adjusted over a wide range ("underlap")
  • High Production speed enables reduction in delievery time.
  • The structure consists of closed, self tightening loops ensuring a high degree of mechanical stability in both the longitudinal and traverse directions and allowing easy handling during installation and removal from the reactor, as well as during operation
  • A very fine, elastic and "three-dimensional" gauze structure, self stabilizing and homogeneous
  • Due to the closed loop structure the risk of runs or ladders is essentially eliminated
  • Lower resistance to gas flow